PearlPerri Fashion & Visionary Art

Wandering 'Free Spirit' Dream Catcher

    •  Hammered Leaf Metal of Ethnic Flavor Suspended on Polished Turquoise Marbles completing this Tribal Vagabond Emblem on a Leather Rope


    • Hope, its a river of floating dreams. Don't wake up, don't ever let go, because every river eventually leads out to the sea. -  From My Jewelry Box To Yours. XxPP

        • Perfect as a gift to a loved one, and even better as a gift to yourself. For only those who love themselves can truly love others for whom they are <3

        • Every piece of our custom crafted jewelry is packaged in our personalized hand-stamped bags, and recycled paper parcels, for a friendlier and healthier environment

      • #PPerriDreamCatcher | @PPerriJewelry

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