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Tzegane Feather Fringes Hair Extension

  • Black Tipped Red Feathers flowing from Three Jet-Black Chains, Born out of an inconspicuous Hair Clip.
  • 21" in Length
    • Representing the daring streak of color that portrays a daring wild Wanderer, this defiant PearlPerri easy to clip-on hair piece is part of a Bohemian Freedom Collection adding fun and expression to everyday life.
    • Embrace your inner struggle, bravery, and striking individuality, with a fashion statement that will always enhance any picture :)
      • Perfect as a gift to a loved one, and even better as a gift to yourself. For only those who love themselves can truly love others for whom they are <3
      • Every piece of our custom crafted jewelry is packaged in our personalized hand-stamped bags, and recycled paper parcels, for a friendlier and healthier environment
    • From My Jewelry Box To Yours. XxPP
  • #PPerriTzeganeFeatherHair | @PPerriJewelry

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