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'Floral Tribal Tusk' Necklace.

  • Natural Carved Amethyst Stone Tribal Tusk adorned with Deep Hued Floral Embellishments. Silver-Toned Trimmings with Stainless Steel Molded 5.5" Diameter Neck Choker  Extendable Link & Claw Clasp for added comfort.

The sun provides the moon with the brightness , so do we as humans provide energy to those around us when transpiring brightness into someone else's life and plant the seeds for flowers to blossom in the future of each person that walks through our greatness.
  • Our great-grandparents and their tribal families had to be resourceful with their surroundings, using the earth and its bounty to make building supplies, hunting weapons, and tools. Those hard earned hand-carved pieces of jewelry and armory left behind from a far distant past of our very selves, has always left me inspired and thought provoked. Humankind has come a long way, yet we have lost a lot of our humanity on the way too.

  • Celebrating our history in the present PearlPerri Natural Carved Amethyst Stone Tribal Tusk brings nature into our conscious through fashion and personal expression.

  • Pearl Perri Jewelry & Accessories are not just designed to increase your jewelry collection but rather to add style, color, & a bit of Boho flavor to your life! From My Jewelry Box To Yours! XxPP

  • #PPerriFloralTusk | @PPerriJewelry

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