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Spiral Geodesic Dome Ring

  • Curved Black Steel Spiral Ring supporting a Royal Gold Toned Pyramid.
  • Spring Structure of Ring Span ensures a Snug Fit for most sizes.

In the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis, in the pre-3,000 BC era, the Egyptian mythological story of the birth of the sun out of the primordial mound that arose out of the waters of chaos before the formation of the world, the association of the triangualar pyramid shape with fire was born. The tip of the step pyramids was said to be a type of sacred stone called the "benben stone" shaped as a triangle (Δ) made out of gold, out of which, at each sunrise, a bird called the "bennu", often depicted as a heron, carried the sun into the sky on its daily cycle.

    • These unique creations by PearlPerri are not designed to increase the pieces of jewelry to your collection on the shelf, but rather to add a hue of color to your style, to vocalize that inner expression of yourself. Make a statement; wear your uniqueness proudly to every event you dress up for, party you go out to, and picture that gets taken!
  • Signature Style, Global Appeal. From My Jewelry Box To Yours! XxPP

  • #PPerriSpiralDomeRing | @PPerriJewelry

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