PearlPerri Fashion & Visionary Art

Sapphire Night Sky Ring

  • Basic Metal Mix with Copper Brushed Finished, Royal Sapphire Encrusted Crystals circling Black Rhinestone

  • Bendable Spanning Steel Parts, ensuring a snug fit for almost all sizes.

  • For our ancestor's time was measured by the number of Moons that had passed from a certain period, and by the shadows that the Sun and Moon cast. With no pendulums to guide the passage of time, these humans peered up to celestial bodies for guidance and purpose. All of our activities for work, rest or play, were in harmony with the flow of nature. There was a time for everything under the Heavens!
  • Embrace your inner connection to a system you were born from and are a vital function of, your place in a messy but beautiful world - From My Jewelry Box To Yours. XxPP
      • #PPerriSapphireNightSky | @PPerriJewelry

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