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Rain Droplets Neck Lanyard

  • Sea-Blue Tinted Glass Droplets In Knotted Bead Ropework. 

  • 32" inch length,  2" inch Ext, Closes in a hoop.

  • When it rains it pours they say.. But today's tears of hardships will water the seeds of tomorrow's happiness.

They say hope is like a river of floating dreams & If we do wake up, don't ever let go because every river eventually leads out to the sea. Representing those tiny droplets, tears, trickles, that together create the most powerful shaping force our home planet has ever known is this PearlPerri Rain Droplets Neck Lanyard 
- From My Jewelry Box To Yours. XxPP


    • Perfect as a gift to a loved one, and even better as a gift to yourself. For only those who love themselves can truly love others for whom they are <3
    • Every piece of our custom crafted jewelry is packaged in our personalized hand-stamped bags, and recycled paper parcels, for a friendlier and healthier environment
  • #PPerriRainDroplets | @PPerriJewelry

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