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Original Hand Painted Kippas by PearlPerri

Originally worn as a sign of devotion and sanctification of God's name, the kippa or yarmulke has been an iconic staple of Judaic ensemble since ancient times. In modernity, it is available in many variations, especially depending on sect, and the practices of each individual.

Continuing the lineage of this meaningful article of clothing, PearlPerri presents it's own original line of yarmulkes for the public, proudly extending the invitation to partake in this fashion statement to all peoples, regardless of race or creed.

All yarmulkes are skillfully designed and hand painted by renown NJ/NYC artist Emily Donovan.

Name initials may be added if requested.

Intended for the young and old of any ethnicity- dare to be worldly!

Available now and only through PearlPerri! 

Every piece of our custom fashion jewelry is packaged in our personalized handcrafted bags and sent out directly to you from us. 

From My Jewelry Box To Yours. XxPP

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