PearlPerri Fashion & Visionary Art

'Modern Nature' Ear Candy

    • Jagged Cut Metal-Art Leaves, Copper brushed & Burnished, inset with Rustic-Hued Rhinestone

  • Representing new beginnings, turning over a new leaf and writing our own stories new chapter, this PearlPerri Modern Nature Ear Candy is part of a Bohemian jewelry collection adding color and expression to everyday life.
  • Inspired by the perfect maze that we feel at times Living can represent, with it's various twists, turns, all intertwined to form an elaborate work of art that is called 'Life' - From my Jewelry Box To Yours! XxPP

  • #PPerriModernNature | @PPerriJewelry


Note* Object May Appear Larger in Picture Than Actual Size

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