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 "Humanity Unveiled - A Nude Expression Of Truth"

Pearl Reich is a mom, activist, brand model, visionary artist and founder of PearlPerri Jewelry, Accessories & Fashion. Growing up in the Ultra-Orthodox community, Pearl attended religious schools which greatly limited her creative freedom, while strongly imposing the devout beliefs that such creativity is frowned upon in women and girls. Nevertheless, Pearl always found ways to express her artistic creativity, such as becoming head of scenery for school plays, and designing school projects. 

In her adult life, Pearl started off as a certified middle school teacher, specializing in Jewish theology. After leaving the Ultra-Orthodox community and their harsh restrictions on individualism in females, Pearl found the strength to let go of the religious fanatic ideals she had been taught her entire life, and began to lead a new life. It was then that she was able to stop feeling the need to appease others, and truly let her artistic talents shine.

After a very public custody battle, in which Pearl temporarily lost custody of her four beautiful children due to her choice to leave the Ultra-Orthodox community, tragedy struck. A friend of Pearl's committed suicide after losing custody of her own children for the same crime of leaving the community. Pearl was left wondering to herself whether her friends life could have been saved with a bit of extra positivity and solidarity. Perhaps those closest to her could have helped to avoid her horrible death. It was with these thoughts in mind and in memory of her friend that Pearl designed her first piece of jewelry (the Positive Infinity Bracelet) and founded the brand PearlPerri Jewelry & Accessories.

PearlPerri Jewelry & Accessories is a visionary art and fashion brand that aspires to capture the passion of humanity's journey, specifically empowering dreams and choices. The sensual yet unbreakable woman and her heart that loves unconditionally can describe a PearlPerri woman. Pearl also founded the 'Save Penina's Children Charity' which is a non-profit organization that looks to eradicate the separation of any parent or child due to religious differences. The charity offers emotional support to those experiencing custody battles due to religious reasons, and works to ensure the safety and security of children when stuck in a parental alienation case. The charity also ensures that the children continue having a healthy relationship with the parents regardless of religious status.

Today, along with her multitude of charity work, Pearl continues the work for her brand, designing dreams in every area and aspect of the journey that is this lifetime. She constantly works with photographers, models, artists, and landscapes around the world to create a vision of awareness, love, playfulness, sexuality and empowerment. Pearl promotes the message of embracing your naked skin for the satisfaction of no one else but yourself. Pearls work always has deep meaning behind it, and she strives to convey messages of positivity and love.

Pearls designs can be seen carried out as jewelry, clothing, shoes and photographs. Her photo shoots each carry deep emotional background stories and are sold in galleries in places like New York and Tel Aviv, Israel. Many of Pearls photo shoots are accompanied by poetry written by herself or her husband Shauli Grossman. In her everyday life, Pearls artistic creativity can be seen in every way, from her unique sense of fashion, to her beautiful home decorations and even her children.

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