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ART FOR AWARENESS is the expression of all these professional artists,models and photographers who've come together to spread the word of love and their own personal experiences in regards to custody battles and epidemic parental alienation battles due to divorces .

These magnificent angels have volunteered and dedicated their time to parade in  NYC Manhattan known as " the city of dreams" for the purpose of transforming pain into a beautiful awareness and colorful love.Each one of these body paintings represent a personal journey and opinion of parental alienation in which i will explain later on in this article.

unite,accommodate,reconcile,negotiate,disarm,dedicate,harmonize,compromise DON'T ALIENATE!!!!  

It was about a decade ago after leaving my very abusive ultra orthodox arranged marriage that i found myself stuck in ridiculously heavy custody battle with an extravagant amount of legal fees that i had no clue in my farthest imaginations how i will cover...but one thing i did know that nothing at all will stand between me and the safety of my four innocent children ages four month to six years.My story is intensely painful on many dimensions and a twisted journey that will forever impact millenniums later because i did what everyone has rendered the impossible while laughing mockingly at what they called my illogical determination. Once again the story is long and the purpose here is to give all of the broken children and families the knowledge and strength they need to attain the so called society's legal court systems impossible destination....which is learning to divorce with peace,learning to unite families not separate or break,learning to help and forgive instead of hate and disable.

The climax of my story has compelled me and my now amazing husband shauli Grossman who's helped me in this charitable very expensive mission to open a non profit organization called  "SPCC" against parental alienation (which provides emotional help,education on the subject, mediating in and out of  court ,providing food and temporary accommodations for the parents and the children, subsidized legal representation and sometimes the judge will actually designate my home as a safety zone during parenting visitation time) .

One morning after six years of constant battle i was served with a two hundred page book signed by the judge that I've completely lost custody of my four kids and i'm facing supervised visitation based on me leaving the Hasidim cult . The court psychologist rendered that it will be emotionally detrimental to the children the fact that thy will be going from a religious dad to a non religious mother and therefor ruled that i'm unfit to have custody of the children. well, about a half a year later and two hundred thousand dollars of legal fees the kids got their mother back while i fought back for joint custody not allowing revenge mode to fight the father back the same way he did to me. 

so i turned my broken heart into art and so did all these powerful,creative artists and models in the hope that the message of love gets spread like wild fire.

Channel your anger or sadness into a painting, a song, or spoken word.

Create until your fingers grow stiff, your eyes wired, your heart a little less heavy.

Sometimes the best way to move on is to delve deep into your sadness and just let your art take over.


The above image is an art collaboration by magnificent model Venus Oritz and phenomenal artist Gina Divine.

A message of love in a bottle for the child stuck in custody a battle.

I wanna thank you for allowing me to participate in your beautiful event. The piece gave me hope. Because I am in the middle of a custody battle myself for my son. So her story touched me personally.


 The photo above is the phenomenal art collaboration of model /mom Ivy League Ink and artists Jerry rid with George smith. SOOOOO excited for today's event, and I also feel deeply for its cause, Parental Alienation. These two beautiful children are my babies. Those innocent faces on the left were watched their fathers and subsequently my daughter's step father berate their mother. As children, they would come home after a visit throwing insults at me. They were never "half siblings", though their fathers also had children which were "halves and steps". At one point, BOTH of their fathers decided they would ban together and take me to court for a custody battle just so I would have to pay them child support. It was a boulder thrown at the pit of my stomach as a fiery ax chopped my heart....having to go to court, having their fathers convince them that life would be better with them because they earned much more money than I did. My daughter was bribed with a basement apt, a car, and tuition to the college of your choice. My son was bribed with moving to Florida. There in the waiting room of Family Court, stood sets of eyes staring daggers at me with looks of contempt across their faces as they thought "You are gonna lose everything". And there I was, alone, no counsel, with the current new wives, the ex husbands and the lawyer holding my head high as I clutched the organized folders of their father's wrong doings, and written accounts of how each treated and disappointed their child over the years and were deadbeats. Past arrests. Spousal abuse. Drug use. DWI's. Insurance fraud. My daughter was there (18 at the time) and I could see she was clearly upset...maybe at herself, maybe at me...maybe at her father...or the situation. As the magistrate swore me in and asked repeatedly if I wished to adjourn because I was representing myself, I clearly stated..."No, your honor, I will represent myself". I answered every question with poise, respect and assertiveness as I laid all documentation on the table as exhibits. The fathers? They stumbled over their words. The attorney spewed twisted versions of stories and the fathers continued to lie under oath and try to make me look like an unfit mother, who raised her babies who are now the wonderful adults they are today. The father who called his daughter a "slut just like her mother". The father who couldn't accept that his son has Tourette Syndrome and blamed me for it and was fired from his job for failing a urine test. The ex husbands who threatened my life with firearms, who destroyed my property, who emotionally demoralized me into a dried out sponge with no passion, who walked on eggs shells waiting for insults, who had lit cigarettes thrown at her and her baby daughter, whose life was threatened with a rifle in her face and did everything to protect her children. The magistrate looked at both men and their attorney, and said " Do you really wish to continued this hearing?". The feeble "No" stammered from each of their mouths was not my victory, but a victory to all parents and children who are forced to be pitted against one parent or the other. I am their mother first and foremost. LET'S DO THIS and raise awareness for the world of parents who have had and are still having their children used as vessels against them, and worse, not being able to see their children due to parental alienation.

Second...the soon as I saw the cause we were spreading awareness for, puzzle pieces popped into my mind...a puzzle, that which is bonded together and sometimes takes work to find the intricate connections and piece them together should remain whole despite any adversity. A family is not meant to be "broken" or separated, hence the single pieces "Mom, Dad, Child". On my back is a large complete puzzle heart with the word family on it. The whole family as it fits together. Jerry had the idea that a rainbow background swirling all over my body would represent love. The disconnected pieces are floating in love to ultimately find each other and bond. 🙂 ❤




artist jenny and model Sasha Parson.

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”

let the child be a child .



The above image is art collaboration of model/mom Pearl Reich and amazing artist Theresa Kim.

I just can't believe you're gone,
Still waiting for morning to come
Wanna see if the sun will rise
Even without you by my side.
We had so much in store,
I'll hold yesterday in my heart.

They took all our tomorrows
And the plans we made.
They took all the music
That we'll never play.
All the broken dreams, take everything.
But they can never have yesterday.

They took the future away
That we'll never know.
They took the places away
That I said we would go.
All the broken dreams, take everything.
But they can never have yesterday.

People always said I should be thankful for everyday,
Heaven knows what the future holds
Or at least how the story goes...
But I never believed I'd be living my days without you.

I know I'll see you again I'm sure.
Is it selfish of me to ask for more?
Since I am the reason you're gone?
One more day, one more night,
One more smile on your face,
But they can't take yesterday.

I thought our days would last forever,
'Cause in my mind we had so much time,
But I was so wrong.
Now I try to believe that I can still find
The strength in the moments we made
To make it one more day,
I'm looking back on yesterday.

All the broken dreams take everything,
But they can never have yesterday.

The above image is an art collaboration of model Stuart Newman and phenomenal model Elom Bowman . 

The above is an art collaboration by magnificent unknown model who just walked in and phenomenal artist King Bee.  


The above image is the art collaboration of model Brianna Otero and phenomenal artist Alex AK.

 I enjoyed the art VERY much ! It showed me that nothing is as ever  bad as it seems and you are never really alone and I really needed to feel that. It gave me courage and an understanding that I need to stop second guessing myself and just do what feels right. I loved the roots that Alex had put into the painting the most. In my eyes it meant that you need to root yourself so that no one can blow you over. Your roots are what giveS you life. ^-^


The above image on the right is an art collaboration of magnificent model Yorle Hernandez and phenomenal artist Humo Omuh, 

As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unself- consciously to the soughing of the trees."

The images above is collaboration of model Shauli Grossman and phenomenal artist Marthalicia Matarrita.

below is a poem written by Shauli Grossman when he lost custody of his daughter and written on his body with paint .A poem I wrote about the last time I saw my daughter :

The last bullet in the gun, cocked back, lying on the floor
The last pill of the box, on top some socks stacked in a half open drawer
The last straw on my camels back, like the last puff of my camels cigarette, makes it collapse
Into the heap of ash I am before her

Its the last time ill see, my daughter

'Why are you leaving me all alone here' screams the last pill, begging me to take another one
'Use me. Abuse me. End this misery' cries the last bullet in my gun
I need one last cigarette before I die, or ill die. Will arrest my heart, so I can rest in pieces,
And die for her

'Goodbye daddy' smiles my daughter

The last drop in the martini glass making it look all better, fast, enough, for complete brain death
The last teardrop, putting this torture to a stop, causing the river to overflow, drowning my last breath, waterboarding the last spark in my cold soul, burning a charcoal black hole,
Scorching any vestige of life that wasn't yet slaughtered

'Goodbye sweety pie', I wave to my daughter

The last kiss from the last goodbye, of a life gone by, yet can't be left behind
The last question for the last time, why oh why god seems to need me, why I am still alive, why I breath and why I feed, off the dark side
As if this horror story needs a sequel, what my father did to me, I need to do the equal
why I need my father to hate and strive, why he needed the needle, to stay alive
I watch the drama unfold, in vicious cycled pattern order

The last time I will ever hold, my daughter

All I promised myself when I held you in my arms for the first time
Was that you, will never go through, what I endured as a child
Yet life is so cruel, It doesn't ask me, it doesn't ask you

All I want you to promise me, is that you will keep your eyes open eternally, your mind open internally
Cause the real eyes, on the inside, they realize, real lies
Keep them open at all times, under fire and water

I guess mine are broken, cause I close them, despite what I taught her

above is the collaboration of parental alienation art by model Shauli Grossman and phenomenal artist Shelley Wapniak. 

The above is the art collaboration of magnificent model and mom Shey lee and phenomenal artist David Drew. 

 Children desperately need to know - and to hear in ways they understand and remember - that they're loved and valued by mom and dad.

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.

The image above is the art collaboration of magnificent  model Stephanie Anna Young and phenomenal artist Eddie Rodriquez. 

Children are not our property, and they are not ours to control any more that we were our parents' property or theirs to control.


I couldn’t prevent my own child from becoming a casualty of war, but I may be able to help prevent another child from becoming one. I’d rather fail at the attempt than not try at all.”

I will love you forever and beyond, and I promise to guide you, even when I am gone. A mother’s love never dies.

It’s better to prepare a child than to repair an adult

Above image is the art collaboration of model Lotus Flower and phenomenal artist Tico Chango.

The front of her body represents parents arguing and using the child as an emotional weapon against each other. The child is more evolved than the parents considered to be an indigo child. Rising above arguing egos of the parents symbols and codes appear around it that empowers as well as helps spark gratitude from the parents that they can learn to confront their shadow aspects from the teachings of their child. The child reconnects with its primal indigenous nature to honor the Gaian mind and in returning to the love of Pachamama.
On the back of her is a statement of how the dogma of religion ( in this case christianity) has been traumatizing children via acts of pedophilia, guilt, control, beatings, torture, stake burning, etc... throughout the centuries. The skeleton on the cross does not represent " Christ Consciousness" it is symbolic of the death of dogma as 3 childlike spirit entities witness this dissolution of ego an alien craft passes overhead to reaffirm the nature of infinite awareness here on spaceship earth and beyond.p I hope this helps explain this body art. 🌷🍄☯️😎

The above image is an art collaboration of magnificent model Inna Katz and phenomenal artist Nic Sevenoh Seven.

Follow your heart, not your head. You never know where your heart will lead you, but you will never regret it. Even if it ends in heartbreak, your head will learn more from your heart than vice versa.”  

The above image is the art collaboration of magnificent model Chantal Lamour and phenomenal artist Steph Burr.

The concept is that parental alienation hurts everyone, but the child most of all. The alienating parent can still hold the child's hand through the thinner wall of the broken heart. The alienated parent has a thicker wall, and the child and alienated parent ate reaching out for each-other but can't permeate the wall. The alienating parent has their back turned, the child is sad, and the alienated parent is both angry and sad. What do you think?

The colors are symbolic as well, the child is blue (sad) with a grey background (confusion, depression) and both parents are red with an orange background, signifying anger and also the destruction that comes with fire (an all consuming force).

The above image is the art collaboration of magnificent model Fabiola Cascante and phenomenal artist Jihas Z Ali. 

A little back story to the beautiful Art piece that jihad created : He and I sat down on Friday to talk ideas about what to do for your event. He had never painted anyone and wanted me to explain a little about the cause and the experience. As we spoke i told him a little about your story and shauli's as well. All the hardships you guys have faced and all your battles won. I told him that even after all the hardships you faced you are a very giving person and you bring so much light everywhere you go. You have fought for your rights, freedoms and children like a warrior but at the same time opening up your heart to forgive those that have done you wrong even if there hasn't been an apologize given in return. So this is how we came up with the beautiful blue warrior Queen. You were the inspiration! Kali is a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love but also sexuality and a force to be recon with. You Pearl represent all these things.

The above image is the art collaboration of magnificent model Kenzie Medwin and phenomenal artist Brendon Lopez.

I was unsure about the art work, but after a few hours when it was all coming together, I really loved how it came out. I wanted to add the Unicorn to the art work because, I think about childhood, happy times and imagination, innocence.
And for a child, they deserve all the love and the support from both parents no matter what the situation is. Parents need to show a good example of a good healthy relationship, even though if they're divorced, they need to be kind to one another.
My parent's got divorced when I was 6 years old. And I remember my mother would tell me how much she hated my dad and how angry she was, but she still wanted to have a good relationship with my dad.

children deserve to be unicorns! ! !

The above image is the art collaboration of magnificent model Taylor Adriana and phenomenal artist Allen Accoo.

really enjoyed being with you. I haven't felt so much like myself and with such a loving bunch of people before. I felt so welcome as if being part of something bigger than myself. I liked the paint that my artist created. The top part was a city to represent New York and the stomach was a boardwalk with a lone child surrounded but images of people to represent the family members missing in that child's life from being alienated from the parents. The back was a hand-print inside a stop symbol. This was simply to say stop taking the children from their parents and family. And the legs were abstract colors on a black background to hone in on the emotions the child may experience and the confusion they experience.

The above image is the art collaboration of magnificent model and mother Jessie Lynn and phenomenal artist Brandon Lopez.

a message from a mom to her alienated kids "  i will always love you to the moon and back" 

The above is the art collaboration of magnificent model Sasha Parsons with phenomenal artist Jenny Paola Rairan Duarte, 

The above image on the right is the art collaboration of magnificent model Emma Earnest and phenomenal artist Rebecca Eve.  


Written by Pearl Reich — May 12, 2017

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