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Dear Pearl
I was thinking what to write about myself. My mind shut down and I wasn't sure what to write, and how to write to make it interesting. I guess I got intimidated. But I will do my best and I hope you will like it.
my name is Sara. I am a mother of 3 lovely children that I love them with all of my heart.
I am living a life that is not easy. My life choices are not mainstream. My husband and me decided to do what is best for us and our family. The price is the people's disapproval and we sometimes people around us try to force us to conform to their way they believe, and they take us to court, and we end up having to fight for our fundamental to live our lives in our way.
We believe in living a holistic lifestyle. I will share a little about this with you. We are eating as healthy as available. using fruits and vegetables in our diet, and high quality foods, like whole grains, seeds and nuts and fats.
 We believe  in solving health problems by addressing them to the roots and not just taking medicines. We don't vaccinate our children. First of all, vaccinations go against our religion beliefs. The vaccines contain cells from aborted babies, and this is just one of the reasons we don't vaccinate. I believe in sanctity of life, regardless if the person is born or unborn, and therefore we believe its unacceptable to use their cells.
In our house there is no 'Tylenol' or 'Advil' We are aware if there is any fever or any pain, it signals that something needs to be helped, instead of suppressed and ignored. Pain is the body's smoke alarm. Find the source of pain, resolve it at its roots and the pain is gone. If the child has fever, he needs rest, not taking a medicine to go around feeling 'better' as if she isn't sick and needing to rest! In my experience the discomfort goes away very quickly the moment the problem is addressed and taken care of.
As for fear if the fever will go dangerously up, let me tell you something: Fevers that go dangerously up, they would go up anyway, even if Tylenol was taken religiously! Tylenol can't cure big diseases, and unnecessary for small diseases.
I birthed my 2 younger children at home, unassisted. There is a large support group for women who choose to birth unassisted at home. There are thousands of women who do this in the US and in the rest of the world. When I was pregnant with my first son, I wondered why are the animals having such easy births, and humans suffer births so much. The biblical story of Adam and Eve and their curse that Eve will birth with sorrow didn't make much sense to me, because I heard about the Native American women who gave birth unassisted. The story goes like this. They were working in a field, and when she went into labor, she went behind the bush, or climbed a tree or went to her hut, or whatever is it traditional in her tribe. she would squat and easily birth the baby into her own hands. She would bundle the baby in a homemade sling, tie it on her body and she would go out to the field to continue to work as if nothing happened! This inspired me so much! I 
I heard also about the Yemenite women who birthed almost as easily. They would stop their housework go to their private corner and just have the baby, wash the baby put her in her clothes tie the baby on her body and continue the housework as usual. I just didn't get it how did the Eve's curse skip on these women. They had painless births.
I searched the internet about birth and found Laura Shanley. She told stories of her 4 unassisted births she birthed her children. She had 5th child born to die few hours later. The doctors confirmed her 5th child had a fatal heart defect, there was no way for medicine to save that baby. A mainstream mother would probably find this problem in ultrasound scanning and be told to abort the defected baby.
My 2 younger children births were amazing. When I went into labor, and it was intense, I filled up the bathtub with water and had uneventful relatively easy births. My youngest was at least over 9lbs. No tears. I birthed them to my own waiting hands. I got my dream to birth them without painful interventions or birth trauma that happen in hospitals. Many of the babies saved in the hospitals were from birth complications that were caused in first place by the interventions. Any intervention. Even merely sitting down with a strap around the mother's abdomen can complicate the birth. Or merely fasting, can tire the mother and make her contractions ineffective. Or when doctors induce the birth by medicine or by breaking the waters, it also can cause distress to the baby. Rushing things alone make births more painful and more dangerous than they should be.
I am so grateful my husband was on my side with these births. I am aware that most men are fearful of births with no professional let alone at home!
3 years ago we lived in Israel. My youngest son started to look ill. He got pale, and lost his weight. He was tiring easily. He threw up every morning. I knew he was not well. He had no fever. I took him to the doctor to check why he isn't well. Doctors are good in diagnosing problems in many cases. But the doctor didn't see anything wrong with the child. When Moshe told me he is dizzy and sees double and his heads hurts 'back there' I suspected it was cancer. More specifically I suspected it was Medulloblastoma. The symptoms matched this.
Years before someone very special taught me of cancer cure that can be done at home in most cases. My own mother had cancerous tumor and I used what I was taught on her, and she did the protocol 32 days until the surgery, then when she had the surgery to remove the tumor, the doctors said it wasn't so malignant as it was thought before. Actually the tumor was dried like a prune and almost dead. She decided to continue with the protocol for another 32 days.
The doctors still pushed her for chemo and radiation. I told her not to. I got on information that cancer industry is actually a scam. It kills more people than cancer actually kills. The war on cancer is actually a scam. There are many effective cancer cures but the cancer industry don't want these cures to be known to the public. They make so much profits they don't want to lose it. They make trillions of dollars every year. Each cancer patient brings profit of around $250,000 in the duration of his or her illness. Chemotherapy and radiation and surgery are actually killing the patient. Its poison, burn and cut! It doesn't address the root reason why the cancer came in the first place. When the body is at its worst threat to its lives, it means the body is at distress. It needs to be helped. It can be helped by detoxifying, by giving its proper nutrition, and also address the emotional issues behind cancer. Sometimes physical trauma and lack of oxygen to a limb can bring caner. In many cases cancer thrives in a body because the body is acidic and lacks oxygen. The acidity is induced by improper diet of too much sugar, of too much processed foods and also of emotional stress.
My son's teacher was very concerned about my son as he threw up every morning in pre-school and was tired all of the time. (the symptoms were worst in the morning, but during the day he seemed ok, so I didn't see him at his worst when he came home from the pre school.) When I decided to take him to the hospital, the teacher drove me with my son to the hospital as my husband was in US.
When I came to the hospital with my son, I asked them to do MRI scanning. They first did eye test to determine if he has some problem in his brain. The eye test determined that he has indeed some problem. The optic nerves in his eyes were swollen, indicating that something in the brain is pressing on the eye nerves.
My son ran to the bathroom to throw up again. He was very tired as usual. They let him to lie in the bed to sleep. His turn to MRI came. They wheeled his bed with my sleeping son on it to the MRI room. The MRI worker thought he was anesthetized . I told him that he fell asleep naturally. They wanted to give him sleeping medicine so he won't move. I convinced them to let him sleep on and to not give him any anesthesia. My son woke up. He was groggy. I told him to keep still.
After 20 minutes in MRI a professor came in. From him not being there before to his solemn face, I knew something was wrong.
The professor called me to go to his office. A male nurse with green outfit came along. (I was thinking, he is to give me sedation in case I freak out to the bad news)
When I was seated in the professor's office, the professor said this: "He has a tumor in his brain, and it doesn't look good"
I asked him , "Is it Medulloblastoma?"
He said, " Its very likely to be this or could be Ependymoma but its more likely to be Medulloblastoma"
I said I knew it.
Now the professor was panicking. "You don't get it?!!!!" He screamed, "your child's life is in danger!!!!!"
I knew he was freaking out because I didn't react the way he expected me to react: Scream my head off, cry, throw myself on the floor, bang my head on the wall or whatever.
So I told him "yes I got it very well. I know my son is in danger and if you don't give him surgery NOW he will die"
The doctor calmed down as he saw I did get it. He said, "Yes that's right. He needs immediate surgery. His life is in immediate danger. I have to give him surgery the first thing tomorrow morning. I am pushing off other client surgery as your son's is an emergency! 
I asked the professor if he could reschedule the surgery in next month as it all was overwhelming and all of the sudden. In my mind I hoped  he will say its not so dangerous and he can push it off so I could use the natural protocol I used on my mother and have him healed within that month. But the professor said again its critical to be done as soon as possible!
My other children were home. I had no way to go home. I had the hospital's social worker to call my aunt to notify her of the situation. I am deaf and unable to speak on the phone. I had her to call my oldest son's best friend mother to have my 2 oldest children at her home.
My aunt came to stay with me overnight with my son. We went to stay at NICU as my son was in danger that the tumor will stop his heart or his breathing. The tumor was at brain stem by critical body functions. In the night my son had his vitals monitored.  my son couldn't sleep.  He called me. He said that he is afraid to die. I asked him does he see himself going by airplane to visit far place in next few years and he said yes. Then I told him, don't worry you are going to live, and if you will die, it will be only after many years if he will get very old. He said 'good' and went to sleep.
I thought that after the surgery I will be able to choose the way to treat my child to wellness. I was very against chemo and radiation as I knew they are so damaging and can cause cancer to come again.
In the morning I had to take my son to the shower before the surgery. It was so scary. It felt like I was taking to his last shower before taking him to the gallows. I was afraid what if the surgery will damage him? What if it will render him blind? What if it will render him unable to walk? What if it will impair his hands function? What if it will make him mentally retarded? I knew all of the real risks of this surgery!
My son was afraid of the surgery but he was more afraid of death, that why he came along.
The child was walking with no hesitation to the surgery room. He was looking around the hospital's corridors and at the nurse who accompanied us with big alert serious eyes. My heart broke. He looked  his normal self, so OK! I was screaming inside I didn't want him under the scalpel. I didn't want him to be handicapped or damaged.
When he was in the surgery room, I could tell him a goodbye. I kissed all over his face and told him how much I love him, and that I will pray for him and I let him kiss my hand. As they injected him with anesthesia he was kissing my hand nonstop until he drifted off to sleep. His kisses got weaker and weaker until his lips didn't move anymore. The nurse pulled me backwards as the surgeons surrounded him and I was taken out of the surgery room. I kept my eyes on my son that was almost hidden from view from the doctors being busy around him, until the door closed, blocking the sight. I went to the waiting room.
The surgery was expected to take 7 hours. My aunt was with me to support me. I prayed psalms from the book. I took a pillow put it on the floor and used my laptop on a chair to update my friends about the surgery.
I cried so much all of these hours! One time I went to the bathroom. I was so distraught from sorrow I forgot to lock the door. I lied on the floor and cried and cried. Someone opened the door and was socked to see me. I got up and went out, and apologized to her.
The surgery went on 9 hours. He was sent back to the NICU. He was on breath support, and with water iv to nourish him.
My husband came to Israel to be by our side.
It was 1 whole week before my son woke up. When he woke up he looked terrible. He was groggy. His eyes were very crossed. He wasn't very responsive. He wasn't himself anymore. He couldn't eat or drink. He had pneumonia.
Eventually they let my son to sit on wheelchair. I immediately wheeled him outside to sit in the sun every day. The sun has amazing ability to heal pneumonia. He wasn't coughing well to get fluids out of his lungs. It was part of the reason he had this.
The nurse wanted my son to use diapers. I insisted he goes to the bathroom. My son was aware enough to nod his head to signal he wants to go to the bathroom. The nurse was angry that I wanted to remove him from his bed to go to the toilet. I had to support him and hold him helping him to walk and to hold his weight on his feet.
The hospital personnel decided to start him on chemo at 10 days after the surgery. He was barely alive. I knew it can get him worse. I told the doctors to push the aggressive treatments to later when he will get stronger. I told the doctors there are better ways to treat cancer without hurting him. The doctors disagreed with me and wanted to go ahead with a very aggressive chemo and radiation treatment.
In these days my son was barely alive. When he was sleeping, he was monitored. His vitals would plummet and the machines will beep. The nurses didn't always pay attention to this. I had to watch him every night to make sure he doesn't sleep too deeply. Every time I would see the numbers of his heartbeats or his oxygen levels plummet, I would gently touch him to wake him up a little to stabilize them. 
Only at 5 am when the people in the hospital started to wake up, his vitals would stabilize. It was the time I joined sleeping with him in the bed. I had to sleep together with him so I would be his pacemaker to keep him from sleeping too deeply. And if he will be too still I would wake up to check on the monitor over his bed to see if his vitals are OK.
If I would put him on the wheelchair he would slump being unable to sit upward.
My son was on steroids and he was very hungry. He wanted to eat. I gave him food. The nurses didn't let me to feed him or water him from fear it will choke him. But he was eating relatively well. He was eating slowly but reasonably. I gave him to drink only water, in case it will be inhaled to his lungs, it won't harm him. The nurses put him nasal cannula to feed him with 'Ensure' My son didn't like the cannula and he removed  it. The doctor threatened us that if he will remove it again, they will make him a surgery to insert a tube to his stomach.  I told the doctor the child is eating. The child is hungry. What you are doing to him, is making him weaker. He was losing weight from being prevented from eating.
When the doctors scheduled to start his treatments on the 10th day after the surgery I planned to escape with him on a day before. I wanted to come to the USA in an hope they will be more humane than in Israel. I found out that the present hospital we were at, their statistics were just 80% of survival for the first 5 years after being diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. I found out there were other hospitals that boasted of 85% .
I found a friend who agreed to take me from the hospital. We sneaked out on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, when they were the least guarded. I took my son for a 'walk' on wheelchair and we sneaked to their car. We went to their house. I closed my facebook account and my email account to prevent the police from harassing my friends.
Later I heard they arrested my husband and one friend of mine and held them at the police station for hours to question them into the night.
In these days we were at my friend house, my son ate very well. He was gobbling up food to make up for the days he wasn't allowed to eat. he ate and drank very well. Once he almost chocked on the chicken soup. I slapped on his back. He eventually coughed it all out. It was obvious he re-learned to cough.
After 2 days we hid at my friend's house my friend was too fearful to hold us. The police were searching for us all over the country with helicopters and patrol cars. We waited to Monday when the US embassy will be open, in an hope I will be able to leave the country safely.
My friend got me on a taxi that took me to the embassy. At the embassy I took my son inside. I asked them for help. They refused to help us and said they are not involved. So I asked them to phone call to a malpractice lawyer on the phone (I had his number in advance) and when confirming he is home, send me with the taxi to his house. I was determined to stop a malpractice before it happens.
I came to his house. He let me in with my son and the suitcase I took with me. I don't know how did I manage to drag my son along with the suitcase. He would lean on the suitcase and take lots of rests. The suitcase gave him some support as I held him from the back and I pushed the suitcase.
5 minutes after we were at his house, and the lawyer gave me and Moshe water someone knocked on the door. It was 15 policemen. They came in and crowded the whole living room.
I asked the lawyer did you call the police? He was upset with me for blaming him. I told him I don't blame you I just ask! And one of the police officers told me they don't need the lawyer calling them as they know everything about me. I told the police officer, if you know everything about me, why did it take you 2 whole days to find us?
The policeman asked me why is my facebook and email accounts are shut, I told him, Look, I had to close them so you won't harass my friends. They have nothing to do with my escaping.
The policeman laughed and waged his finger at me.
Social workers came and took us in their car, accompanied with 3 other police cars and with my suitcase and my baggage straight back to the hospital.
At the hospital they checked my son, and immediately inserted a needle in his arm to prepare him for an iv line. They weighed him. he gained 4.5 pounds in the days we were absent. I told the doctor, "Don't dare to do the don't eat and the cannula nonsense!" I told him, you the doctors believe in facts and numbers? You see his weight scale is heavier. The child is breathing better. He isn't chocking so let him eat and drink!!!" The doctor raised his hands helplessly and said, "OK OK!!!" When the nurse came in and told me: "The child isn't allowed to drink. he will be allowed only Jello and we need to insert the cannula again,"  I just shaked my hand impatiently. She left us alone at that and didn't push us anymore.
We had 4 weeks of grace of no chemo and no radiation. As they were waiting for court to determine what to do. I used this time to give him the natural protocol I gave to my mom. Most of the hospital's food fitted the diet according to the protocol: potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, and I brought food of my own: oats to make oatmeal, fruits and veggies, juice machine to make him juices. By that time people from newspapers interviewed me and even on TV.
At nights they put a nurse in our room to watch us that we won't escape again. During the day 2 men with guns were watching us. It took them few days to allow us to take my son outside to the daily 2 hourly sunbathing.
We were moved to the oncology department.
My friends brought me lots of fruits and vegetables. I had to store them in boxes. The room looked like a grocery store. It annoyed the nurses. They complained the smells cause the other cancer patient in our room to be nauseous. I didn't understand why do they complain as the other  patients had lots of cakes and candies in their room and they had strong smells of cakes and candies. And somehow they didn't make them nauseous. So I checked to see if their complaints were genuine or just because they disliked to see us eating unusual food . I put all of the fruits and the vegetables in the closet and left the doors open (to maintain freshness) and covered with drape.  The nurses thought they were gone and didn't realize the fruits and the vegetables were actually hidden.
One of the doctors asked me to make her one of my healing juices. I made her and she loved it! (4 carrots, 2 apples, 2 celery stalks)
Every morning I made my son orange-apple juice with its peels and seeds, (1 orange + 1 apple)
I researched about other hospitals in Israel that treat cancer. I found an other hospital who had better statistics than the hospital we were at.
When we were in the court the judge said he needs to be treated in the standard treatment and didn't want to hear about any 'alternative unproven' medicine. I asked the judge to move to the other hospital I found out had better statistics. The judge agreed we can move to the other hospital.
We were prepared to move to the other hospital but last minute the hospital's lawyer got a quick court order to force us to stay at the hospital for the 6 week radiation treatments.
All of this even he has no visible cancer. The doctors claimed the cancer will 100% return if he doesn't get all of the radiation and chemo treatments.
Only after 6 weeks of radiation, we were allowed to leave the hospital. We were in the hospital for 4 straight months like in a jail. It was Hanukah party in the hospital. I couldn't allow my son to eat candy as cancer thrives on sugar. Its a crime they are giving all of the harmful sweets to the cancer patients. Everyone in labs knows that cancer needs sugar to survive and its what they use to have cancer cells in lab plates!
It would make such a big difference if they gave the children in the oncology department freshly made healing juices and smoothies, using plenty of greens.
To this day he wants to go to visit that hospital on a Hanukah party to be able to eat the candies there. I promised him when the opportunity will come I will take him there for the party so he will feel he finished his business, as he is cancer free I let him to eat some candy in these occasions. Hanukah party at other places don't count to him. He WANTS to go to THAT hospital to make up for the party I didn't let him to eat candy then.
In the other hospital he got chemotherapy treatments. At least they let him to go home all of the time. Eventually they agreed to give him much less aggressive treatment. They contacted a doctor from the US who told them to stop the treatments altogether. Actually he got just about 1/3 of the treatments he was supposed go get. Even these 'less' aggressive treatments were very harsh on him. He lost some hearing on his right ear from a severe ear infection as a reaction to chemotherapy.
My son couldn't walk. He was dependent on wheelchair. I found a holistic doctor who treated him to regain his ability to walk. He graduated to a walker and eventually to walk without assistance. I forced him to walk long distances. He would cry and scream and demand the wheelchair. I told him, I have to make you walk. you are growing up bigger and heavier. You need to get stronger. If you won't walk now, you might be on wheelchair years from now. You will be grateful you can walk and climb and not being handicapped on a wheelchair forever!  I am glad he regained his ability to walk and jump a little. He still has long way to recover. He has difficulty to use his hands, and especially his right hand. He is right hand dominated and has to use his left instead.
Sara Kohn is currently caught in a custody battle against her own ultra-orthodox parents who've accused her wrongly for being a negligent mom partially due to her not wanting to follow all the medical procedures while her son moshe was battling cancer. mostly it is the religious differences between them that determines the grandparents to alienate the children from her. she thankfully is persevering and waiting to reunite with her older soon shalom who has been alienated by his grandparents.  

Written by Pearl Reich — November 04, 2015

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