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  The collaboration of Graffiti and fashion is admired  in the air at  pearlperri designer fashion...the stifled elegant woman begging to softly fly out of her shell with her soft  self expression of chaotic order. Spring 2015 is splattered with graffiti from in the most sophisticated high fashion runways and designers . happy shoes,happy bags, happy chaos all written  on your clothing as you celebrate your expression through fashion. graffiti for me is the dangerous woman who doesn't break the rules-she makes them. pearlperri is currently in the process of working with renowned graffiti artist John Paul O'Grodnick in creating a line of fashion for the dangerously daring woman. TRULY DANGEROUS WOMEN aren't looking for dates or husbands,and they don't travel in packs.they rarely have many female friends.their register is either universal,or intensely personal.they play mind games and make promises. whether they deliver or not remains a secret ,and secrets are essential to seduction. graffiti fashion within the chaotic elegance represents to me a  seductive expression of  secrets when wishes to convey indirectly. one of the biggest compliments a man can pay a woman is by saying "i can see you're trouble"...that's the kind of attitude i love to convey ,call me what you want truth is i'm a real woman but to discover that there's the secret layers i like to seductively shed . a woman's quickest path to mystery has always been to dress a little masculine that's why i love my Dr Marten collection and even sent one of my pairs to get graffitid .

 Graffiti is something that seems to heavily resonate with modern day youths and artists, providing a way for local people and communities to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. The use of bold colors, larger-than-life imagery and mural-like techniques serves to create an overwhelmingly eye-catching piece of artwork. Utilizing these graffiti techniques in clothing lines serves to attract a more modern and hipper audience to a collection.

From hipster graffiti-inspired gear to neon graffiti styling, these funky fashion looks are incorporating a very distinct and influential part of modern day culture into sleek designer outfits.






Written by Moses Grossman — February 24, 2015

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