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children who lose custody of one of their parents due to religious differences will suffer a great psychological and emotional emptiness as the maturate.there are so many ways to facilitate the differences between both parents without long lasting damage on the children themselves. divorce is a trauma for children who live in a society where divorce is considered a taboo lets try to minimize that pain by being proactive, knowledgeable and truly focused on what primarily is for the benefit of the children as apposed to fulfilling a desire for revenge. you don't want to create  live orphans you want to manipulate the situation so that the least amount of pain gets inflicted on all parties. you cant attain that by controlling other but by simply controlling your personal choices and actions. below are  very sad photos of some children whose parents are part of our organization and have lost contact with their children due to religious intolerance . now question yourself of the true happiness and well being of these beautiful faultless children. 


Written by Pearl Reich — October 04, 2014

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