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I love ur website , honey, so much! Just wow -amazingly awesome ..!:0) . U were right - I absolutely love ur shades !;0). Thanks a lot. Enjoy ur day and the week. hope to see u pretty soon and meet ur family as well.;0) {inna ziskyna)

Thank u Pearl Reich for designing the hottest sunglasses I just love them and the crystals are perfect for everything! I have already gotten so many compliments even the case is so chic! (rebecca lieberman)


Babe! You are so fucking awesome! I must say I am super impressed with your packaging and products! I got this adorable bag filled with ribbons and the beautiful earrings! In both colors no less! I am obsessed! Thank you for being the great friend that you are. You are such an inspiration to me! Xoxo
Happiness is found when we can appreciate the little things. Finally received the piece that I got just for me. Thank you Pearl Reich I love it. (tahiya chin)



Written by Moses Grossman — June 10, 2014

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