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Below is a sample e-mail that the "SAVE PENINAS CHILDREN" organization receives on a weekly basis. 

We dedicate our time to proofreading all "BINDING ARBITRATIONS" be it from the BET DIN or CIVIL COURT. Unfortunately Shauli Gro's and I have been victims to losing custody of our own children due to signing papers under coercion and tremendous pressure. After hundreds of thousands of dollars and a divorce that made international news I managed to win back custody of them and shauli is in the process of seeing his beautiful daughter once again. Our ultimate goal is to prevent all this chaos and unnecessary turmoil and damage to happen while empowering parents, teaching them not to be naive and intimidated by signing nonsense papers. We proofread binding arbitrations on a weekly basis e-mailed to us by parents who are about to sign their lives away (some complete strangers) who cant stop thanking us for saving their lives. 

Hi. I would like to share and ask for ur advice... My middleman (chasidish man) just called me to come sign the civil divorce documents (the rabbinical div. I already gave last year) he told me come over and "just sign it" just do it asap. cuz they payed for it and it won't cost u a penny. I replied! Sorry, nothing personal but with all due respect, I won't just trust you and "sign" (nowadays I don't trust anyone in the chasidish communities with "personal advice" period). I presume their notion is to lure me in to "sign" and of course I'll not sign before I fully understand what I'm signing for. My question is... is there any individual or org. who can give me preliminary advice or so? 

Any piece of advice is highly appreciated,




Written by Moses Grossman — May 01, 2014

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