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This post is written for the purpose of awareness and to help those who are afraid to speak up... freedom of speech is POWERFUL... if you're being attacked,degraded,bullied,robbed of simple human rights because you chose another journey and belief in life know that you must speak up for change to take place and the abuse to stop.

the religious community has a very cunning indirect way of degrading parents to the point that they cause the parent to abandon their own children due to the intolerable hardships and self fulfilling prophecy. in the past ten years i've noticed a pattern of actions throughout my own custody battle and followed hundreds of others. the process of the mental degradation begins even prior to the actual divorce procedures and takes place in the home while the children are around.this form of mental cruelty creates parental alienation which affects the children and questions the authority of the parent who is choosing to leave. This technique works for the benefit of the religious parent and helps them prepare for their success prior to the custody battle. it is very crucial to know and understand of how they go about achieving their goal( of having children grow up without they're biological healthy parent with the consent of the civil court system which is in the simple violation of human rights).
"one has to know what makes a system work so that you can stop it from working" (like a chess game)

I would like to share with you an email i received this week from a wonderful devoted mom who was court ordered to stay in the marital home together with her soon to be xxx who is accusing her of being a terrible dysfunctional mom based on religious intolerance ( she has chosen to walk away from the religion yet practices and respects the tradition with her children) her entire mothering skills has been put on trial as to' if she is worthy enough of playing an active role as a mom to these children she gave birth to)

Dear Pearl,

you cant imagine... Or maybe you can. Its prob been the worst week and a half of my life..
Just one example of the craziness: he decided that he doesn't trust my kasharus (kosher cooking) to Cook for the kids over pesach. He had his sister prepare a freezer-full of food 2 weeks in advance. I got home from work at about 6pm the first seder Night and was informed that he invited his near friend and brother (both single) to spend the seder (meal) with him and the kids. He went all out and bought everything needed for the seder. I knew that I wouldn't be able to stay and watch this so i left to my apartment that I still cant move into and spent several hrs in tears. I came back home just after midnight and they were all still there having a festive meal with my children, all happy as can be. They all ignored me when I came in and I went directly upstairs. It was as if I no longer existed. He told the kids that 'the Court does not allow them to visit my apartment'. The whole holiday has been hell or something worse.i feel worthless i feel like i'm not worthy of anything.

Written by Moses Grossman — April 28, 2014

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