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Children deserve to have Both of their parents involved in their lives and tending to their growth. If your ex was good enough to have the children with, your ex is good enough to bring up the children with, hating them is Not the answer.

Children deserve Both of their parents regardless of the parents’ differences in lifestyle or worldview. The children are not to be punished for being in this situation they didn’t create. It is not protecting them from the situation if you take away one of their parents’ involvement in their lives.

And most importantly, the children love you for being their parent. For looking out for them. Do not let anyone convince you that your hurt child hates you! Do children going through divorce get sad and confused? Yes they do. Symptoms include loss of sleep, loss of focus in class, confusion, anger, lashing out, and even being physical towards the parent they feel safest with (read up on the particulars regarding your child’s age).

Do not let your Ex, any Legal Team, a previous Rabbi, or even your child’s reaction convince that you no longer have  personal freedom. These children are looking to be shown love regardless of the situation (and you can bet they will test you on it!) and “I love you no matter what” can always be your response.

40% of children growing up in America today will experience a parental divorce, don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t deserve them because of it.


~ Member of "Save Penina's Children Charity"

Written by Carlotta Crosby — January 30, 2014

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