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Being separated from your children would feel like losing a part of yourself. You could not function in the same way again. Learning how to survive and cope with the daily pain and sense of profound loss is not something you can prepare yourself for. I am a mother in absentia and have had to significantly adapt to my new role. I cannot cook healthy meals for my children, bath them or read them bedtime stories as before. Instead, I spend my childless time mustering the energy and resources to expend in our limited time together. My mission now is to cram our visits with as much love, fun, laughter and security so that they leave with positive happy memories of their Mama and want to return. Seeing how eagerly they run to me at the beginning of each visit and how their faces light up when our eyes meet reassures me that I’ve succeeded and fills me with hope that one day this dark cloud will clear. We may have been denied justice but nobody can deny our love for one another. A woman named Kelly Myzner suffered daily from a very similar case. Helping her hire an attorney that helped me win my custody battle was rewarding but unfortunately during this process she is still struggling on a daily basis.


~Member of "Save Penina's Children' Charity

Written by Carlotta Crosby — January 30, 2014



Oh, calm down Kathryne, it was only a joke. Just to clarify, I make jokes about eoeyrvne my family, friends, people in the news, celebrities, MYSELF I didn’t single this family out. It’s the way I hope to get through life all in one piece Actually, I know exactly how it feels to be hurt by uninformed comments. I apologize for not clarifying the joke’s purpose to lighten the mood. If anyone should have known better, it should have been me. The cold hard fact is, this family (your friends) aren’t the first to be dragged through the media like this, and they won’t be the last. The news will report what it wants to report. And, even though people should pause and remember that there are many sides to a story, not eoeyrvne does. They rely on their only source of information, which is the news. Consequently, those who don’t understand this many sides to one story theory, believe what the news tells them.The best advice this family can get and take is to focus on themselves during this mess and ignore the news and public opinion. None of that matters.And, keep in mind we all have our own little (or huge) skeletons tucked away

August 04 2015

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