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Unveiling the Spring Summer 2015 trends

Fashion is cyclic and so are trends. Time and again there are styles and looks that are re-invented by designers or return to the runway in their original essence. Hence each year a retro brigade of designs, colors, prints, and patterns hit the stores and become a much embraced trend. In the fashion industry some trends are ludicrous, some become outdated, and some come back with newer ideas. 
Twenty fourteen is no different, and have many vintage and retro looks borrowed from the past for the spring/summer and autumn/winter fashion. Trends are believed to re-emerge in fashion every twenty years. The one big trend which is still alive and kicking is of crop tops. For those who refrain from showing off their abs, styles with sheer panels around the waist and high waist pants and skirts are a perfect way to conceal and flaunt the style. The floral print being a summer essential has also gone retro this year. From Michael Kors to Depazo, Harbison, and Jen Kao showcased their collection of flower power in multiple pieces at the New York Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2014.

The four key looks to be coming up and will be calling out the fashion cards are Thrift shop, Artisanal, New age Pop, and Streamline. A closer encounter with these looks will provide an insight into what to expect from Spring Summer fashion in 2015. The thrift shop look is the biggest highlight for the spring 2015. 
It is essentially a blend of vintage subdued color palettes and kitschy burst of colors in the form of conversational prints. The fabrics used to present the color riot of this look are crisp poplin, French terry, charmeuse, and suede. Animal prints and cat and bird prints will be seen on coats, full dresses, skirts, and tops.



Sometimes you need a fashion shake-up to breathe new life into your personal style. If you're interested in embracing a look that's synonymous with creativity and a laid-back attitude, consider picking up a few bohemian pieces on your next shopping excursion!

Boho lovers often embrace pieces with extra detail or embellishments, such as smocking, lace, buttons, tassles, fringe or embroidery.
In keeping with the free spirit attitude of Bohemia, style dictates that the true boho fashionista must have some flowing, lightweight garments in her collection. For example, airy peasant blouses or lightweight, ruffly skirts (long or short) in eclectic patterns are staples of the boho wardrobe. Another must-have is a maxi dress, which is typically long, non-binding and carefree in nature. Maxi dresses come in just about every color, design and fabric imaginable. Plus, they're so versatile that they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your destination.

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